This student assessment web-app developed by Major Salas is the student’s number one resource online for student self-assessments and controlled exams for the  accompanying course CS1.

For more information about the course and available resources for teaching and learning, visit: cs1.katanawebmasters.com on the web.  Here, you will find information that has helped hundreds of students prepare for college and the workplace through use of  the activities, projects, mini-series tutorials and more, in addition to hands-on active learning in the classroom and instruction by former systems engineer manager with over 20 years in the IT profession.  Search, look, discover, try  the topics throughout the site , and you’ll see there is something for you here to learn that an employer just might hire you for!

Computer Science with Major Salas promises interesting overview of the most popular computer concepts employers are seeking and that are in most demand.  Through meaningful engagement in practice and exercise for skill development you will have the opportunity to build a portfolio displaying your authentic student accomplishments. To demonstrate mastery successfully it is important you read each key concept, all the learning topics, and complete each project which supplement the Instructor-led exercises in class.

Why computer science? You may think you know all there is about computers but really? Do you know what employers are  looking for? Will you have the skills, knowledge and know-how that would help you stand-out above the rest of the population? Get ready for some real computer skill building and adventures in computer science1. Start learning about real meaningful tech skills and stuff that’s here now and in high demand.

Computers are fun and it’s exciting when new gadgets appear but what bosses want is what you can accomplish with them; plus the problems that can be solved using this fantastic technology. You are limited only by your skill, knowledge, and know-how.  Oh yeah, and your imagination to get the desired results – not yours…the boss’!

This year you will experience an awesome adventure in computer science 1, but it’s up to you to maximize on the opportunity. Learning about some real meaningful computer concepts, that are in demand in numerous career fields, is important because your future is depending on nobody but you! Wow!

So go ahead,  test your skills, knowledge, and know-how.